Circadian lighting

The lighting that improves

Health and wellbeing at work


The right light, at the right time

Libu, is the circadian lighting that you need to work. A lighting solution that provides the right light, at the right time, to regulate your biological clock !

The circadian technology used by Libu improves health and wellbeing at work.

Quality of life at work

Libu improves health and wellbeing at work

Energy efficiency

-60% of energy consumption

French company

Designed and produced in France


The circadian lighting with demonstrated impacts

During three months, three companies have tested Libu’s circadian lighting. With chronobiologists and occupational health, Libu solutions have demonstrated positive impacts on workers !

Stress ressenti
- 0 %
Bonne humeur
+ 0 %
- 0 %
Qualité du sommeil
+ 0 %

Our team

Circadian lighting specialists

About libu

Founded in 2019 by Tinou Seguin and Manon Loustau, Libu is a french company located in Talence (33). Woth a speciality in circadian lighting for workspaces, we can help you with your lighting project, wherever you work !

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